Yacht Captain and Crew Service

 Charter Services include:
  • Captain
    • Your tour guide on the water!
    • Impliment all rules and safety procedures to guests during charter
    • Maps out charter trip plan organized by Captain and Lead Charter Guest
    • In charge of Guest Charters and/or Deliveries
  • Deckhand/First Mate
    • In direct coordinantion with Captain to ensure safety of vessel
    • Controls all lines/fenders/anchors during arrivals and departures
    • Supports guests boarding on and off vessels/docks
    • Incharge of arrangements for water toys per guests request
  • Chief Stewardess
    • Meal Preparation and Food Service
    • Bartending and Cocktailing
    • Guest Services and Requests
    • Clean-Up and Organization (pre/post charter)

        Whether you need a delivery, captain, deckhand or stewardess for a service or a weekend trip, we’ve got you covered! We are exclusively known for performing miracles in ordinance to booking last minute trips and services when our clients needs are time sensitive. Thanks to our extensive network and reliable team, we make it efficient and worry free to getting you happily off the dock!

    • NOTE – In-person quoting is required in order to meet your priorities and give a proper evaluation of the vessels current state and expected state