Yacht Detailing

If you are looking for the very best weekly, bi-weekly or monthly yacht detailing services contact us for a quote.
Yacht Management Professionals are not like other detailing or management companies,
we take pride and have staffed trained professionals that have worked in the industry for years.

Getting back from a weekend on the water? Need help preparing cabins for guests? 
Look to a YMP professional to come onboard to detail the interior and/or exterior of your yacht 
from bow to stern!


Interior Cleaning Services:  

  • Cabin Turnover
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Floor Polishing
  • Galley Cleaning
  • Streak-Free Window Treatment
  • Beverage/Product Restock (supplied by owner per request)

Interior Detailing Services: 

  • Extension of Standard Cleaning (as seen above)
  • Vent Cleaning
  • Tarnish Build-Up Treatment
  • Hard Water Spot Removal
  • Interior Stainless Polishing
  • Product Organization
  • Heads and Beds (Linen/Towel Dry Cleaning Additional Fee)
RECOMMENDATION – Interior services to be maintained on a regular basis (bi-weekly/monthly) to keep cabin in pristine condition contingent on usage. Wear and tear is common, specifically on interior. However, utilizing YMP’s services on a rotational basis will help in keeping your yacht ‘Show Ready’

Standard Exterior Wash Down:

  • Fresh Water Rinse
  • Salt/Dirt/Grime Removal
  • Soap Scrub
  • Streak-Free Window Treatment
  • Chamois Hand Dry

Exterior Detailing Services:

  • Extension of Standard Wash Down (as seen above)
  • Three-Step Compound Buff
  • Polish Treatment
  • Hand Waxing
  • Engine Room/Locker Cleaning
  • Stainless Scratch Repair/Polish
  • Teak Wash and Treatment
  • Haul Cleaning
RECOMMENDATION – Exterior services to be maintained as often as vessel is used based on the level of cleanliness due to the ever-changing marine environment. Regular upkeep and daily protection is crucial to keeping your vessel show ready. YMP highly promotes as little as a standard wash down be performed two times per month, minimum. Exterior Detail is more complex and could take one to several days to complete depending on usage, size and type of vessel.