Keeping Your Yacht Waxed Saves You Money

Proper yacht maintenance is an ongoing process. Boat owners may be aware of the importance of yacht maintenance, but not realize the time and attention that are required to keep their vessel in the best shape possible. While there are many practices to consider when it comes to maintaining your vessel, one of the most important is waxing your yacht regularly, as keeping your yacht waxed saves you money.

Preventative care is the best way to save money in regards to owning a yacht. One way yacht owners can avoid having huge repair expenses, is to take the proper precautions so damage doesn’t happen in the first place. Yacht Management Professionals suggests that yachts should be waxed every three-four months to maintain a strong layer of protection. Yacht waxing is an essential step in proper yacht maintenance and preventative care, since small repairs can add up to big expenses if not treated properly.

The yacht waxing process does take a bit of time, but when done right, offers great rewards. Here are the steps yacht owners can follow to ensure successful yacht detailing:

  • Prep yacht by thoroughly wiping any surface where the wax will be applied, using fresh water and a soft PH balance soap to remove any grime or dirt prior to starting the wax treatment. Then dry the entire vessel thoroughly before continuing.
  • Remove any old wax from the surface with a soft rag and dewaxing solvent. Allow solvent to set on the gelcoat.
  • Buff the surface of the boat using a buffing compound and a rag, or for more detailed work use an electric buffer.
  • Apply proper boating wax using a buffer with a soft buffing pad or by hand with a clean, dry cloth. Apply in a gentle, circular motion, and always by hand around tight spaces. Allow to dry. (5-10 min in the sun)
  • Buff excess wax off to a shine using a terry cloth towel.

Protection of your vessel saves you money when it comes to yacht maintenance. This is possible, as yacht waxing:

  1. Protects from ongoing weather conditions. Yachts encounter marine environments and changing weather conditions constantly. Regular yacht waxing ensures the strength and protection of any vessel, especially wherever there is direct contact with the water.
  2. Reduces the drag and improves glide in the water. This results in lower fuel consumption for your boat, and lower fuel costs.
  3. Avoiding more serious and sometimes permanent damage. Maintaining your vessel by waxing your yacht consistently can eliminate large repairs that can cost a boat owner thousands.
  4. Maintaining the color, shine, and integrity of the gel coat. Proper protection from UV damage, corrosion and chemical breakdown means yacht owners spend less on repainting and maintatingng the overall look of the vessel.

Yacht Management Professionals wants all yacht owners to understand the importance of regular yacht maintenance. Keeping your yacht waxed saves you money and lessens the overall maintenance and repair expenses throughout the life of a vessel. By waxing your yacht every three to four months, yacht owners can decrease fuel expenses, maintain the overall look of the vessel, and potentially eliminate repair expenses. The simple processes of yacht waxing can both cut costs, and extend the life of your vessel.