Yacht Cleaning: Detailing vs Wash Down

Regular yacht cleaning may not be the biggest concern for boat owners, but it is a very important part of boat ownership. There are two main processes when it comes to exterior yacht cleaning; yacht wash downs and yacht details. While the two processes are related, there are major differences when it comes to the knowledge and expertise required to handle the job properly.

A yacht wash down is just as it sounds. It is a complete wash and overall cleaning of a yacht. Exterior washdowns help prevent rust and decay of onboard surfaces and components, caused by saltwater. Specifically when it comes to the exterior of your yacht, cleaning helps preserve and maintain the condition and overall aesthetic for as long as possible. The yacht cleaning process does not need to be overwhelming, especially if you have a professional crew to handle the job.

Yacht Cleaning Explained

The purpose of a yacht wash down is to remove any surface dirt or salt that has accumulated on the exterior of the boat. Ideally, this should be done after each use, but if not, at least weekly to maintain the integrity of the boat. Here are the steps to follow to complete a proper exterior yacht wash down:

yacht cleaning
  1. Thoroughly rinse the entire exterior of the yacht with fresh water to remove any dirt and dissolve any salt. Spray all surfaces that have come into contact with marine water. Start from the top down, making sure not to forget the engines and cockpit.
  2. Using a soft cloth and a gentle marine specific soap with a neutral pH balance, gently clean any areas that need extra attention. Finish with a fresh water rinse of all surfaces.
  3. Use a chamois to dry windows, helm area, and any stainless steel to avoid water spots.

When it comes to yacht detailing, this is a much more involved process. One that often requires experience and knowledge to be completed at the highest level. With YMP, yacht detailing is a service that is offered as an extension of the standard wash down. While the process of detailing a yacht begins with our exterior washdown, there are many additional steps and areas of focus to ensure the proper protection of all yacht surfaces.

A proper yacht detailing goes over the vessel with a critical eye to make sure no area is left untreated. At Yacht Management Professionals, an exterior detail is quite complex and could take several days to complete, based on the size of the vessel. The YMP exterior detailing service includes:

  • Fresh Water Rinse
  • Salt/Dirt/Grime Removal
  • Soap Scrub
  • Streak-Free Window Treatment
  • Chamois Hand Dry
  • Three-Step Compound Buff
  • Polish Treatment
  • Hand Waxing
  • Engine Room/Locker Cleaning
  • Stainless Scratch Repair/Polish
  • Teak Wash and Treatment
  • Complete Hull Cleaning
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Bottom Cleaning

When it comes to exterior yacht cleaning and detailing, proper care must be taken to protect and care for your yacht. Regular upkeep and weekly protection is crucial to keeping your vessel in the best condition possible. Whether it is a complete yacht detail or a straightforward yacht wash down, the crew at Yacht Management Professionals calls on years of skill and expertise to keep your vessel looking show ready, contact us today.